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Is Ministry of Railways responsible for these Deaths toll at Elphinstone Road station?

Stampede numbers are 22 death 30 seriously injured as of now


Mumbai’s local transit station and heavily crowded railway station at Elphinstone Road has shocked the entire nation today. Where stampede happened at narrow Foot Overbridge of the railway station and the stampede times was 29 Sept 2017 Friday . Because of this stampede bar happened at transit station Elphinstone Rd there were atleast 22 people has been died and near about 30 people seriously injured. The railway minister’s ordained minister classes Piyush Goyal has visited the the hospital in which the affected people has been admitted. He has immediately announced a compensation. Wheres we can simply improve 3 points insurance increase in the railway ticked being sold.

Still biggest question is Why nation is getting such incidents at its transit station again and again? Same case has been happened earlier but not at ordained minister classes in which minister’s transit station are usually blocked for normal citizens. But every time without any wake up call such stampede happens again and again? When will be our railway ministry reliable for every Hindustani citizen. There are car insurance auto insurance but what about railway insurance ? Everywhere Online automobile insurance quotes are displayed when will our country open its eye on these stampede ?

How Indian Railway Ministry could have save this stampede Know in Next Slide

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